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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Publication List Using "environmental impact"

  A Dry Oasis: Institutional Adaptation to Climate on the Canadian Plains
(University of Regina Press) Working from the best scientific evidence on the changes that are likely to occur in the Canadian Plains, this volume examines the ability of local communities, as well as local, provincial and national instituions, to deal with future climate change.
  Exploration Administration Map
(Energy and Resources) This map indicates regional office boundaries and contact numbers.
(Executive Council) Jan. 06, 2012 - The Government of Saskatchewan is being recognized for its work to reduce its environmental impact.
  Righting Past Wrongs: The Case for a Federal Role in Decommissioning and Reclaiming Abandoned Uranium Mines in Northern Saskatchewan
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) While mining operations in northern Saskatchewan that supplied the United States military with Uranium in the early days of the Cold War ceased in the 1960s, people of this area continue to live to date with the environmental, human health and safety risks of the abandoned mines. International precedents and the history of Uranium mining in Canada make it clear that it is the federal government that must address the environmental legacy of an industry that was both promoted and regulated by the federal government during the Cold War. Yet, the federal government has abandoned its responsibility to fund decommissioning and reclaiming of these sites and wants instead the Government of Saskatchewan to assume this responsibility.