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Friday, June 22, 2018
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Legislation List Using "environment"

  E-0.01 - The Ecological Reserves Act
(Publications Saskatchewan) An Act to establish Ecological Reserves
  E-10.01 - The Enterprise Saskatchewan Act
(Publications Saskatchewan) An Act respecting Enterprise Saskatchewan
  E-11.1 - The Ethanol Fuel Act
(Publications Saskatchewan) An Act respecting Ethanol
  G-5.1 Reg 135 - The Ministry of Environment Regulations, 2007
(Publications Saskatchewan) formerly under The Government Organization Act (G-5.1) which was repealed by Chapter E-13.1 of the Statutes of Saskatchewan, 2014 (effective August 15, 2014). These Regulations continue in force under The Executive Government Administration Act (E-13.1).
  Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994/Loi de 1994 sur la convention concernant les oiseaux migrateurs
(Publications Saskatchewan) Statutes of Canada Chapter M-7.01, S.C., 1994, c. 22/L.C., 1994, ch. 22.
  R.S.S. 1978, Chapter D-14 (1979-02-26) - The Department of Environment Act
(Publications Saskatchewan) CHAPTER D-14 An Act respecting the Department of the Environment