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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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  2005-2006 PSC Performance Plan
(Public Service Commission (PSC)) The 2005-2006 Performance Plan details the goals and actions of the Saskatchewan Public Service Commission and departments to ensure the public service has the right people in the right jobs at the right time. Click the “Open Document” button below to view the Performance Plan.
  2006-2007 PSC Performance Plan
(Public Service Commission (PSC)) The PSC and government departments have partnered to work toward goals and objectives related to the human resource function within the public service. These goals and objectives are defined within the Corporate Human Resource Plan (CHRP), the performance plan of the Public Service Commission.
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  Becoming a Lawyer
(Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan) Information for people considering a law career.
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  Career Centre
(Public Service Commission (PSC)) The Career Centre is a one-stop website that provides users with information about jobs with the Saskatchewan Public Service. Click the “Free Download” button below to enter the site.
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  Financial Security Requirements
(Labour Relations and Workplace Safety) All forms of financial security must be sent directly from a recognized financial institution except for surety bonds.
  FWRISA Guidelines for Defining Recruitment and Immigration Services
(Labour Relations and Workplace Safety) The guidelines are intended for use by recruiters, immigration consultants, immigration lawyers and others to help define and differentiate recruitment and immigration services regulated under the FWRISA, as well as employment and legal services that are not regulated by the FWRISA.
  FWRISA Licence Terms and Conditions
(Labour Relations and Workplace Safety) Licence Terms and Conditions for The Foreign Worker and Recruitment Services Act
  FWRISA Licensed Immigration Consultants
(Labour Relations and Workplace Safety) The list identifies all the individuals who are authorized under The Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act (Act) to provide immigration consulting services to foreign nationals coming to Saskatchewan. The list includes Licensees, individuals who have met all licensing requirements and posted $20,000 in financial security which can be used to compensate individuals who have incurred a financial loss as a result of a violation of the Act by a recruiter or immigration consultant.
  FWRISA Suspended Licenses
(Labour Relations and Workplace Safety) The list identifies all the individuals who have been suspended under The Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act (FWRISA) from providing immigration consulting and/or recruitment services. The list includes the names of the suspended licensees, business name, licence number, type of licence held, duration of the suspension, and the section of FWRISA that was breached. Individuals who were valid service providers when the FWRISA was introduced in October 2013 but who were refused a licence following an investigation and review are also listed.
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  Labour Force Survey
(Finance) Labour Force Survey

On a monthly basis and based on documentation from Statistics Canada the Bureau compiles tables for the distribution of the Labour Force reports.
  Les droits et les responsabilités - Guide des normes d’emploi en Saskatchewan 2017
(Labour Relations and Workplace Safety) Le présent document fournit les renseignements de base sur les normes du travail en Saskatchewan énoncés dans la partie II de la loi sur l’emploi intitulée The Saskatchewan Employment Act. Il vise à aider les employés et les employeurs à comprendre leurs droits et leurs responsabilités conformément à la législation.
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  Minimum Wage Board Report on Indexation 2011
(Labour Relations and Workplace Safety) Report by the Saskatchewan Minimum Wage Board of its review on indexing Saskatchewan's minimum wage.
  Monthly Statistical Review
(Finance) Provides up-to-date economic and social statistics relating to Saskatchewan. Produced monthly.
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  Overview of the Saskatchewan Economy
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) The Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy supports informed policy debate in Saskatchewan on a wide variety of public policy issues, many of which are driven by or at least affected by economic conditions in the province. To further this goal, the Institute has compiled, from published materials, an overview of the latest data on the Saskatchewan economy.
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