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Document List Using "agriculture"

  Agriculture History: History of the Prairie West volume 3
(University of Regina Press) The eighteen articles selected for this third volume all focus on the agricultural history of the Canadian Plains. Early First Nations practices are examined, as are subsequent evolutions in farming, ranching, and marketing.
  Canada's Wheat King: The Life and Times of Seager Wheeler
(University of Regina Press) Seager Wheeler was North America's most celebrated wheat developer, whose varieties in the 1920's made up 40 percent of the world's wheat exports, and contributed wealth to most facets of the Canadian economy.
  Changing Prairie Landscapes
(University of Regina Press) Multidisciplinary research has become an important tool in identifying the influences that human activities have, not only on cultural landscapes but on biophysical ones as well. This collection of articles, originating in a conference held at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in April 2000, focuses on just such an integration of research concerning the Great Plains of North America and involving the disciplines of geology, archaeology, biology, geography, sociology, and agriculture.
  Environmental Law and the Farmer
(Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan) Environmental risks and their legal consequences.
  Farm Financial Difficulties
(Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan) Information about farm land foreclosure and farm asset seizures.
  Managing Changing Prairie Landscapes
(University of Regina Press) Proceedings of the third conference in the “Plain as the Eye Can See” series, which took place at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Regina, Saskatchewan, from May 15–17, 2003, and which focused on the effects of current management strategies on northern prairie ecosystems.
  Policy Dialogue - Issue 13
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) Articles in this issue: Media Presentation of Crime Statistics; The Supreme Court from the Outside; A Debate on Canadian Senators; Restorative Justice; and more.
  Policy Dialogue - Issue 14
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) Articles in this issue include "You say nation, we say NATION: Questions with Dr. Antonia Maioni"; "The Constitution after 25 Years"; "Media Representation of Crime Statistics: Pt. II - For the Common Good"; "The Harper Government at One"; and more.