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  A-28,002 - Loi sur les professions artistiques
(Publications Saskatchewan) Loi concernant les professions artistiques et le statut de l’artiste
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  Bill of Sale Agreement for Saskatchewan Visual Artists
(Parks, Culture and Sport) Document prepared by CARFAC Saskatchewan. Outlines information required to transfer ownership of artistic works.
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  Collective Bargaining Rights for Associations and Unions of Professional Artists in Saskatchewan
(Parks, Culture and Sport) The Saskatchewan Minister’s Advisory Committee on the Status of the Artist is considering ways to extend collective bargaining rights to artists’ associations and unions. This Report looks at alternative models and analyzes how each model would address issues of importance to Saskatchewan artists.
  Cultural Policy in Saskatchewan
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) Cultural policy has a history of being relegated to secondary importance or being supported in an ad hoc way by governments in many jurisdictions in North America and around the world. This has occurred despite the fact that there is a growing literature demonstrating the importance of the arts and culture in the economic vitality of places both as a growth sector in itself and as a contributor to quality of life, enhancing population growth and retention.
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  Final Report of the Minister's Advisory Committee on Status of the Artist
(Parks, Culture and Sport) Published July, 2006
  Final Report of the Minister's Advisory Committee on Status of the Artist (2006)
(Parks, Culture and Sport) Final report prepared by the Ministry. Includes Letter of Transmittal, Executive Summary, Profiles of MACSA Members, Background, Introductions to Framework of Report of Rationale, Strategic Plan, Overview of Recommendations, and Appendices.
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  Minister's Advisory Committee on Status of the Artist Working Document, October 2003
(Parks, Culture and Sport) The Minister's Advisory Committee on Status of the Artist (MACSA) began in September 2002. The Working Document was presented to the Minister of Culture, Youth, and Recreation in October 2003.
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  Progress Report Minister's Advisory Committee on the Status of the Artist April, 2003
(Parks, Culture and Sport) This report identifies the progress of the Minister’s Advisory Committee on Status of the Artist (MACSA) in the first seven months of its mandate. What follows is an overview of the issues, priorities, and initial recommendations of the committee.
  Public Funding of Artistic Creation: Some Hard Questions
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) This paper examines in detail the variety of forms that public support for the arts could take and the procedures that would govern the kind of art that is funded.
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  Report on the Minister's Advisory Committee January 2003
(Parks, Culture and Sport) Report - January 2003
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  Saskatchewan Music Industry Review Stakeholder Consultation
(Parks, Culture and Sport) Phase I: Small Group Discussions Participant Feedback and Summary Themes - November 15, 2006
(University of Regina Press) In August and September 2006, dozens of artists came together at the Claybank Brick Plant National Historic Site to present Crossfiring/Mama Wetotan. The community-based event included a sound and installation exhibit featuring the work of over 20 artists and a large-scale site-specific performance involving 30 more artists.
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