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Document List Using "archaeology"

  Avocational Archaeology Field Manual
(Parks, Culture and Sport) Archaeological field manual prepared by the ministry. Sections include: Introduction, Preparing for Archaeological Field Work, Archaeological Site Survey, Site Recording and Mapping, Surface Artifact Recording and Collecting, Artifact Cataloguing and Storage, Permit Applications and Reporting, and Appendices.
  Changing Prairie Landscapes
(University of Regina Press) Multidisciplinary research has become an important tool in identifying the influences that human activities have, not only on cultural landscapes but on biophysical ones as well. This collection of articles, originating in a conference held at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in April 2000, focuses on just such an integration of research concerning the Great Plains of North America and involving the disciplines of geology, archaeology, biology, geography, sociology, and agriculture.
  Guide to Completing the Saskatchewan Archaeological Resource Record (Avocational Version)
(Parks, Culture and Sport) Resource record guide/brochure prepared by the ministry; includes information on how to complete a SARR-AV.
  Human Ecology of the Canadian Prairie Ecozone 11,000 to 300 BP
(University of Regina Press) This Volume presents a comprehensive overview of the human experience in the Canadian Prairie Ecozone over the past 11,000 years.
  List of Archaeological & Palaeontological Consultants
(Parks, Culture and Sport) List of consultants prepared by the ministry, for public use.
  Proceeding of the "Perspectives on Contract Archaeology" Workshop
(Parks, Culture and Sport) Contains responses concerning the problems and issues facing archaeological resource management (1991). Report compiled by Carlos Germann.
  Saskatchewan Palaeontological Resource Record Update
(Parks, Culture and Sport) Resource record form prepared by the ministry.
  Stone Circle Site Treatment Review and Workshop (Report)
(Parks, Culture and Sport) Report prepared for the ministry by Kit Krozser and Ben Hjermstad (1995). Sections included in the report include: Methodology, Problem Discussion, Summary and Conclusions and Appendices.