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Friday, March 22, 2019
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Legislation List Using "fuels"

  E-11.1 - The Ethanol Fuel Act
(Publications Saskatchewan) An Act respecting Ethanol
  E-11.1 Reg 1 - The Ethanol Fuel (General) Regulations
(Publications Saskatchewan) under The Ethanol Fuel Act
  F-13.4 Reg 26 - The Fuel Tax (Mineral Exploration) Remission Regulations
(Publications Saskatchewan) under The Financial Administration Act, 1993
  F-23.01 - The Fuel Tax Accountability Act
(Publications Saskatchewan) An Act to amend The Financial Administration Act, 1993 to introduce Fuel Tax Accountability and to make related amendments
  F-23.21 - The Fuel Tax Act, 2000
(Publications Saskatchewan) An Act respecting a Tax on Fuel and making consequential amendments to The Revenue and Financial Services Act
  F-23.21 Reg 1 - The Fuel Tax Regulations, 2000
(Publications Saskatchewan) under The Fuel Tax Act, 2000
  R.S.S. 1940, Chapter 56 (1941-02-01) - The Fuel Petroleum Products Act
(Publications Saskatchewan) HISTORICAL CHAPTER 56 An Act to provide for the Licensing of Persons producing and selling Fuel Petroleum Products and the Imposition and Collection of a Tax on Purchasers of Gasoline