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Publication List Using "aboriginal peoples"

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  Agriculture History: History of the Prairie West volume 3
(University of Regina Press) The eighteen articles selected for this third volume all focus on the agricultural history of the Canadian Plains. Early First Nations practices are examined, as are subsequent evolutions in farming, ranching, and marketing.
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  Clearing the Plains
(University of Regina Press) In arresting, but harrowing, prose, James Daschuk examines the roles that Old World diseases, climate, and, most disturbingly, Canadian politics—the politics of ethnocide—played in the deaths and subjugation of thousands of aboriginal people in the realization of Sir John A. Macdonald’s “National Dream.”
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  First Nation and Métis Consultation Policy Framework
(Government Relations) The Government of Saskatchewan First Nation and Métis Consultation Policy Framework was released June 15, 2010, and outlines the process Government will use to fulfill its obligation to consult with First Nations and Métis communities on decisions or actions that may impact Treaty or Aboriginal rights. It is a fulfillment of a commitment made by the Province to develop a consultation policy with input and review from the key groups - First Nations, Métis, industry, municipal sector and others.
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  Journeys in Community-Based Research
(University of Regina Press) The goal of community-based research is to develop a deeper understanding of communities and to discover new opportunities for improving quality of life. The nine case studies in this diverse collection provide real life examples of community-based research in Aboriginal, urban, and rural communities. Journeys in Community-Based Research shows how taking into account socio-economic, geographic, and cultural contexts can lead to public policy that better serves the most vulnerable in our society.
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  OC 13/2009 - Hatchet Lake Band, Lac La Ronge Indian Band, Montreal Lake Band and Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation Amending Agreement for Off-reserve Band Members (Minister of Social Services)
(Cabinet Secretariat) .
  OC 448/2011–SK Aboriginal Literacy Network Inc. & The SK Literacy Network Inc. Funding Agreement–Coordinate & Deliver Family Literacy Practitioner Training & Provide Support to Regionally-based Network of Family Literacy Hubs in SK (Minister of Education)
(Cabinet Secretariat) .
  OC 449/2011 - Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Network Inc. & The Saskatchewan Literacy Network Inc. Funding Agreement – Support SaskSmart Innovations Fund Recipients of Expressions of Interest Grants & Community Literacy Contracts (Minister of Education)
(Cabinet Secretariat) .
  OC 83/2009 - Reappointment of the Saskatchewan Aboriginal Courtworker Program Advisory Committee for Three Years (Minister of Justice and Attorney General)
(Cabinet Secretariat) .
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  Partnerships with Aboriginal Researchers: Hidden Pitfalls and Cultural Pressures
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) This paper raises numerous important issues for social researchers about collaborations with Aboriginal peoples and organizations.
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  Submission to the Commission on First Nations and Métis Peoples and Justice Reform
(Justice and Attorney General) Submission Document
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  The Assiniboine
(University of Regina Press) Denig's manuscript was unpublished until 1930, when J.N.B. Hewitt edited it for publication in the Smithsonian Bureau of Ethnology's Forty-sixth Annual Report. The report, long unavailable, is reprinted here for the first time. This new edition, with an introduction by David R. Miller, provides a complete ethnology of the Assiniboine Indians, including information on their history, tribal organization and government, religion, manners and customs, warfare, dances, and language.
  The Dakota of the Canadian North:Lessons for Survival
(University of Regina Press) In this volume, Elias examines the economic strategies the Dakota in Canada used to survive, and demonstrates their cultural tenacity and economic ingenuity in adapting to the trying economic circumstances of their environment. Illustrations-26
  The Knowledge Seeker: Embracing Indigenous Spirituality
(University of Regina Press) In The Knowledge Seeker, Blair Stonechild shares his sixty-year journey of learning-from residential school to PhD and beyond-while trying to find a place for Indigenous spirituality in the classroom.
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