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For All Government of Saskatchewan Legislation and other Publications Saskatchewan Publications

Please be advised that The Queen's Printer holds copyright on behalf of the Government of Saskatchewan in right of Her Majesty the Queen for all Government of Saskatchewan legislation and legislative publications, including all statutes and regulations of Saskatchewan as well as various other Publications Saskatchewan publications, such as Rules of Court and The Saskatchewan Gazette. Under provincial legislation and Government of Saskatchewan procurement policy, Publications Saskatchewan is the official publisher, printer and distributor of legislative materials, and as such is the agency mandated to produce and provide copies. The Queen's Printer, the official responsible for Publications Saskatchewan, is also legislated to recover costs of all such production and provision.

In exceptional circumstances, copyright may be released to a government department, Crown or agency, or to a private organization or individual on a one-time basis. This does not, however, authorize unlimited photocopying or reproduction. Where any agency or individual wishes to use, in whole or in part, a Publications Saskatchewan publication within another publication, in paper or electronic format, in order to consider release of copyright Publications Saskatchewan requires:

1 that Publications Saskatchewan receives a written request for release of copyright, outlining exactly which publication(s) or web site(s) is(are) affected, the contact person and the date of publication; and

2 details of the intent of the new publication (ie. educational, informational, instructional, etc.) and the method of distribution (ie. free of charge or sold for cost, Intranet, Internet, etc.).

If, after contact and discussion with Publications Saskatchewan, copyright release is granted, Publications Saskatchewan must be acknowledged as a source in a bibliography or other relevant area of the publication or on a web site and supplied with a copy of that publication or a link to that web site.

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