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Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Publications Saskatchewan endeavours to provide relevant information and services for our clients.

If you find that a search is not producing results you are expecting, or produce a "Sorry No Documents meet your search. Please try again", please try the search again by using:

  • shorter word(s) / phrase(s);
  • singular forms of words (drop the "s", "ing", etc.);
  • remove quotes (") around phrases, etc.

If after attempting your search again, and the results are not what you are expecting, please contact us by telephone or e-mail and we'll find and solve the problem (technical, missing document, etc.). 

Search Instructions

1) Type into the Search Box () your word, partial word and/or phrase.  For a phrase add quotes (") around the phrase as in "agricultural implements".

2) Select from the listing for the Product Type (Category) by clicking on the box () the the left of the item(s) you want the search.

3) Press the Search button ().

The listing results will appear on this page in alphabetical order, not precedence.

To view the details of a particular document on the list, click the underlined text link to take you to the Product Detail page.  You can view a PDF document from that screen by clicking on the grey Open Document button.

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