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Monday, December 22, 2014
Publications Centre
Top 5 Most Viewed Forms
  • PST Return Form
    Used by businesses collecting Provincial Sales Tax to report and remit tax collected and payable.
  • Application For Vendor's Licence
    To register a business or individual for the purpose of collecting and remitting Provincial Sales Tax and/or Liquor Consumption Tax.
  • Health Services Card Application
    Used by new and returning residents to apply for provincial health coverage. Form is to be completed immediately following the establishing of Saskatchewan residency.
  • PST Return Instructions
    This accompanies the PST Return.
  • Special Support Program - Drug Plan - Side A - CRA Application/Consent Form
    This form is used to request income information for assessment of eligibility for those with high drug costs in relation to income. This one-time form authorizes the Drug Plan to obtain your income tax information from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), so you do not need to apply every year. If you decide you do not want the automatic renewal process, the Annual Application Form (SIDE B) allows you to complete a renewal form and submit it with your income information each year.