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OC 590/2017 - Approve Queen’s Counsel Appointments (Minister of Justice and Attorney General)

Title: Approve Queen’s Counsel Appointments

Minister: Minister of Justice and Attorney General

Summary: Orders that Your Honour’s letters be made patent bearing the date of this Order appointing the following persons, members of the bar of the Province of Saskatchewan residing in the province, who have been entitled during ten years or more to practise in the superior courts of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland or of any province of Canada or of the Northwest Territories, as Her Majesty’s counsel, learned in the law for the Province of Saskatchewan:

    Garry Lyndon Bainbridge Timothy Peter Paul Hawryluk
    Leanne Marie Bellegarde Marianne Margaret Kramchynsky
    Timothy James Brown Meghan Rachel McCreary
    Kimberly Ann Earing Joni Ann Mackay
    Jennifer Edith Fabian Evatt Francis Anthony Merchant
    Dennis Jay Fisher Joanne Carol Moser
    Joel Patrick Friesen Mary Ellen Wellsch
    Jordan Patrick Hardy Todd Jay Wellsch
    John Charles Will
See: The Queen’s Counsel Act, sections 2 and 3

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