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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Chapter 26 - The Queen’s Bench Amendment Act, 2016/Loi modificative de 2016 sur la Cour du Banc de la Reine (NYP)

An Act to amend The Queen’s Bench Act, 1998 and to make related amendments to The Constitutional Questions Act, 2012/Loi modifi ant la Loi de 1998 sur la Cour du Banc de la Reine et apportant des modifi cations corrélatives à la Loi de 2012 sur les

S.S. 2016 CHAPTER 26/L.S. 2016 CHAPITRE 26 Assented to November 30, 2016

These portions are NOT YET PROCLAIMED, sections 4 and 9

This information is found in Part I of The Saskatchewan Gazette published each week.

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