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Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Chapter 26 - The Queen’s Bench Amendment Act, 2016/Loi modificative de 2016 sur la Cour du Banc de la Reine

The Queen’s Bench Act, 1998 is amended to:

  • allow awards made by dispute resolution panels under trade agreements to be enforced as if they were civil judgments of the court;
  • allow those awards to be enforced against non-Crown entities or persons rather than just against the Crown;
  • amend the reference to the size of the court from 31 to 32 judges to reflect the actual size of the court; and
  • include a notice requirement for the appointment of court appointed legal counsel.
Related amendments to The Constitutional Questions Act, 2012 are also made to:
  • provide for the appointment of an “administrator” for the purposes of managing the court appointed lawyer process;
  • set out the rules and process for the appointment of a court appointed lawyer from a list of approved lawyers established by the administrator;
  • provide that those lawyers are to be paid at a fee rate set by the administrator; and
  • provide that any lawyer appointed outside this process is not entitled to payment by the government.

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