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Saturday, April 20, 2019
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OC 240/2016 - The Traffic Safety Act Fees (Motorcycle Fees) Amendment Regulations, 2016 (Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Government Insurance)

Title: The Traffic Safety Act Fees (Motorcycle Fees) Amendment Regulations, 2016

Minister: Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Government Insurance

Summary: On filing date, these regulations will amend RRS T-18.1 Reg 3 to:

  • Establish a $500 licensing fee at each stage of the Motorcycle Graduated Driver’s Licensing (MGDL) program if the rider hasn’t completed an approved motorcycle training course.
  • Provide for a $450 refund if the rider has completed training and obtains a full motorcycle endorsement (i.e. finishes the MGDL program) without any traffic convictions or at-fault collisions.
  • Include a transition or ‘grandfather’ clause for riders already in the MGDL program, who won’t be required to pay the $500 fee.
In addition to, but unrelated to the changes above, an amendment is also required to enable SGI to charge interest on all fees owing under The Traffic Safety Act when a customer is in arrears.

See: The Traffic Safety Act, section 287

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