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Thursday, January 19, 2017
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P-37.1 - The Public Health Act, 1994

An Act respecting Public Health

Chapter P-37.1 of the Statutes of Saskatchewan, 1994 (subsection 73(5) not yet proclaimed, please consult Tables of Saskatchewan Statutes for effective dates) as amended by Statutes of Saskatchewan, 2000, c.L-5.1; 2001, c.T-14.1; 2002, c.C-11.1 and R-8.2; 2003, c.29; 2004, c.46 and 51; 2005, c.M‑36.1; 2007, c.8; 2010, c.N-5.2; and 2013, c.R-9.11, c.S-15.1, and c.26.

Last update posted: 22 Apr 2015

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