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Mycotoxin Calculator

The Mycotoxin Calculator calculates the relative toxic values of the Trichothecenes which include Deoxynivalenol DON, 3-Acetyl-deoxynivalenol 3-ADON, 15-Acetyl-deoxynivalenol 15-ADON, Nivalenol NIV, Diacetoxyscirpenol DAS, T-2 Toxin and HT-2 Toxin. It also calculates values for the Zearalenones (Zearalenone, α-Zearalenol, β-Zearalenol), Ochratoxin A, and Aflatoxin B1. All values are guidelines and can vary substantially with age, physiology, environmental stress, body condition and other factors.
The numbers would come from the results of a Mycotoxin Panel or Screen performed at a toxicology laboratory. They are listed as Parts per Billion (ppb). There are 1,000 ppb in one Part per Million (ppm).
Dr. Barry Blakley, DVM, PhD - Laboratory Supervisor, Department Head, Professor, Veterinary Biomedical Sciences,Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, provided input into the Toxicology Equivalence Factors TEF.Dr. Blakley's Mycotoxin Class Notes were used as the basis to explain the effects of mycotoxicosis in livestock.
The Mycotoxin Calculator uses a number of Macros in Excel. To have it run properly, Macros have to be ""enabled"". The Security Settings in Excel may have to be lowered in some cases. Enter values in the Blue Colored cells.

The calculators below are provided "as is" in excel spreadsheets to assist producers in planning for the future.

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