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Feed Value Calculator

The Feed Value Calculator calculates the relative value of crude protein, total digestible nutrients (TDN), calcium and phosphorus, based on the current market price and nutrient content of reference feeds (barley grain, canola meal or wheat distillers dried grains) with solubles (DDGS) or feed peas 1:1 mineral and limestone.
A cost factor is then calculated for each nutrient. The cost factors are used to calculate the relative values of other feeds based on their nutrient content. Detailed user instructions are provided in the ""Market Price of Reference Feeds,"" ""Relative Feed Value"" and ""Feed Price Comparison"" worksheets. A new section provides a price comparison of two feeds using local market prices. This will be useful for individuals purchasing or selling feed. The Feed Value Calculator uses a number of Macros in Excel. In order to run properly, Macros will have to be ""enabled."" The Security Settings in Excel may have to be lowered in some cases.

The calculators below are provided "as is" in excel spreadsheets to assist producers in planning for the future.

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