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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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F-22.01 (2014-06-25) - The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

An Act respecting a right of access to documents of the Government of Saskatchewan and a right of privacy with respect to personal information held by the Government of Saskatchewan

Chapter F-22.01 of the Statutes of Saskatchewan, 1990-91, as amended by the Statutes of Saskatchewan, 1992, c.62; 1994, c.27; 1997, c.T-22.2; 1998, c.P-42.1; 1999, c.H-0.021; 2001, c.50; 2003, c.29; 2004, c.A-26.1, T-18.1 and 5; 2005, c.L-11.2 and 25; 2006, c.19; 2008, c.V-7.3; 2009, c.5 and c.32; 2013, c.W-17.11; and 2014, c.29.

PIT – Consolidated to June 25, 2014

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