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Part 15: Family Law Proceedings

What this Part is about: This Part applies to family law proceedings, which include proceedings under The Adoption Act, 1998, The Child and Family Services Act, The Children’s Law Act, 1997, The Dependants’ Relief Act, 1996, the Divorce Act (Canada), The Enforcement of Maintenance Orders Act, 1997, The Family Maintenance Act, 1997, The Homesteads Act, 1989, The Inter-jurisdictional Support Orders Act, The International Child Abduction Act, 1996, The Marriage Act, 1995, The Family Property Act, The Parents’ Maintenance Act, The Victims of Domestic Violence Act, Part XXI of The Queen’s Bench Act, 1998, and any other Act that confers jurisdiction on the Family Law Division.

This Part also applies to annulments; the custody or guardianship of, or access to, a child; the determination of parentage or other family relationships; the division of property between spouses, former spouses or persons who have lived together as spouses; judicial separations; the maintenance of a spouse, child or other person; and any other proceeding heard in the Family Law Division.

Unless a different procedure is specified in this Part, the other Parts of the Rules also apply to family law proceedings.

Amended August 1, 2016; April 1, 2017; and May 1, 2018

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