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Thursday, January 17, 2019
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OC 665/2013 - Saskatchewan Municipal Board Membership Changes (Minister of Government Relations)

Title: Saskatchewan Municipal Board Membership Changes

Minister: Minister of Government Relations

Summary: Further to Your Honour's Order 378/2013, dated June 25, 2013, orders the following changes to the Saskatchewan Municipal Board:


Person/Address Term Full/Part-time
Randy Markewich, Regina expired Full-time
Appoint – effective December 16, 2013
Lorna Cottenden, Regina December 16, 2018 Full-time
Dianne Ford, Regina, Chairman May 31, 2017 Full-time
Gordon Hubbard, Regina
May 1, 2017
Randy M. Markewich, Regina October 10, 2013 Full-time
John Eberl, Moose Jaw August 31, 2018 Full-time
Doug Steele, SARM, Gull Lake April 10, 2016 Part-time
Barry Gunther, Sun Valley (SUMA) April 10, 2016 Part-time
Gord Androsoff, Saskatoon February 2, 2014 Part-time
Billie-Sue De Bruijn, Stump Lake February 2, 2014 Part-time
Ken Engel, Regina February 2, 2014 Part-time
Murray G.G. Fisher, Regina February 2, 2014 Part-time
Trent Good, Saskatoon February 2, 2014 Part-time
Felix Hoehn, Saskatoon February 2, 2014 Part-time
Douglas Morcom, Regina February 2, 2014 Part-time
Wayne Zerff, Lumsden February 2, 2014 Part-time
Jodi Vaughan, Regina February 1, 2015 Part-time
Lee Fuller, Saskatoon April 10, 2016 Part-time
Randy Jeworski, Lumsden April 10, 2016 Part-time

B) That the remuneration for Lorna Cottenden as a full-time member of the Saskatchewan Municipal Board be at the rate of $8,830 per month and is subject to any adjustments, cost of living allowance (COLA) and additional benefit plans approved for out-of-scope employees of the public service pursuant to The Public Service Act, 1998;

C) That Lorna Cottenden, as a full-time member of the Saskatchewan Municipal Board, in accordance with clause 2(d) of Order in Council 632/2007, shall be subject to the following Regulations made under The Public Service Act, 1998, Part IV – Compensation Regulations 40 and 42 except for subsection (b); Part V – Working Conditions and Benefits, Division 2 – Vacation Entitlement except for Regulation 51, 52, 53, 54.1, 54.2, 56.1 and 60(a)(c)(d) shall accumulate credit for vacation pay at the rate of 1.66 days of leave for each month of service; Division 3 – Sick Leave Regulations 61 and 65.1; Division 7 – Miscellaneous Regulations 79 and 82; and Division 8 – Expenses and Allowances Regulations 83, 84, 87, 89 and 91.

See: The Municipal Board Act, sections 4 and 10

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