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OC 550/2012 - Creation of the Treasury Board Crown Corporation - SaskBuilds Corporation (Minister of Crown Investments)

Title: Creation of the Treasury Board Crown Corporation - SaskBuilds Corporation

Minister: Minister of Crown Investments

Summary: Orders:

(a) the creation of a Treasury Board Crown corporation, to be known as SaskBuilds Corporation;

(b) the appointment of the following persons as members of the corporation and the board of directors of the corporation to serve at pleasure for a term not greater than three years from the date of this Order:

      Honourable Ken Krawetz
      Honourable Bill Boyd
      Honourable Don McMorris
      Honourable Donna Harpauer
      Honourable Wayne Elhard
(c) the designation of:
    (i) the Honourable Don McMorris as chairperson of the board;
    (ii) the Honourable Bill Boyd as vice-chairperson of the board;
    (iii) Regina, Saskatchewan as the head office of the corporation;
(d) that the period commencing on April 1 in one year and ending on March 31 of the following year is fixed as the fiscal year of the corporation;

(e) that $1,000,000.00 is fixed as the amount above which the corporation shall obtain the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council before purchasing, leasing or otherwise acquiring or selling, leasing or otherwise disposing of any interest in real or personal property;

(f) that $40,000,000.00 is fixed for the purposes of section 43 of The Crown Corporations Act, 1993, as the aggregate principal amount outstanding above which the corporation may not borrow money;

(g) that the objects and purposes of the corporation are the following:
    (i) to establish a central process to advise upon, determine, plan, integrate, co-ordinate and prioritize the infrastructure needs of the province of Saskatchewan which are funded in whole or part by Executive Government;
    (ii) to develop detailed business cases for such infrastructure projects and to implement annual and long term capital development plans for infrastructure projects;
    (iii) to advise upon, determine and recommend the most effective and appropriate methods for advancing infrastructure projects;
    (iv) to undertake, co-ordinate, develop, manage and oversee infrastructure development projects;
    (v) to acquire and develop expertise on infrastructure development including innovative approaches to infrastructure development and alternative financing models such as public private partnerships;
    (vi) to create, encourage and facilitate opportunities to further enhance infrastructure development to support the continued economic growth of the province.
(h) that the corporation may exercise the following powers:
    (i) to enter into agreements or arrangements with any person for any purpose related to the exercise of the corporation's objects and purposes;
    (ii) to assess fees or charges to any person for services provided by the corporation;
    (iii) to provide funding or financial assistance to other organizations for the purposes of infrastructure projects on such terms and conditions as the corporation may determine;
    (iv) to grant charges or security interests in property held by the corporation;
    (v) to enter into and participate in business structures, including joint undertakings to further the objects and purposes of the corporation;
    (vi) to develop, service or otherwise improve lands as required to fulfil the objects and purposes of the corporation;
    (vii) to accept grants, payments, subscriptions, donations, gifts and bequests, whether of real or personal property from any person, including funds appropriated by the Legislature or by the Parliament of Canada, for any purpose related to the exercise of the corporation's objects and purposes;
    (viii) to have all other powers necessary, incidental or conducive to the efficient performance and exercise of the objects and purposes prescribed in the foregoing clauses;
(i) that the Minister of Finance is appointed as the agent of the corporation for the purpose of making investments pursuant to subsection 45(1) of The Crown Corporations Act, 1993, or disposing of those investments.

See: The Crown Corporations Act, 1993, sections 14, 15, 18, 23, 31, 43 and 45

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