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OC 413/2012 - The Business Corporations Amendment Regulations, 2012 (Minister Responsible for Information Services Corporation and Minister of Justice and Attorney General)

Title: The Business Corporations Amendment Regulations, 2012

Minister: Minister Responsible for Information Services Corporation
Minister of Justice and Attorney General

Summary: On July 1, 2012, these regulations will amend RRS B-10 Reg 1 to:

-      provide special rules for extra-provincial registration and the exchange of forms, documents, fees and other materials between and among the corporate registries of Saskatchewan and other jurisdictions with which Saskatchewan has agreements to streamline and reconcile business registration processes;

-      designate the Registrar of Companies of British Columbia and the Registrar of Corporations of Alberta as extra-provincial registrars to whom the special rules apply;

-      designate extra-provincial corporations whose home jurisdiction is British Columbia or Alberta as being subject to the special rules provisions. Essentially, the special rules set out processes that allow a corporation to register and file maintenance documents once in its home jurisdiction and, if it wishes to register extra-provincially or maintain its existing extra-provincial registration in any other provide that has an agreement, then the home jurisdiction registrar will transmit the information to the applicable corporate registry. This saves a corporation, for example, from having to register multiple times or file its annual return more than once. The types of registration activity included in the streamlined process include:

  • Registration (originally) as an extra-provincial corporation;
  • Change in registered office;
  • Appointing and changing the corporation’s attorney for service;
  • Change of name;
  • Amalgamation;
  • Continuance in another province; and
  • Cancellation of registration.
-      adopt the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Business Number system as the system of common business identifiers for identifying corporations. This is a further step toward the ultimate vision of a one-stop business service for Saskatchewan, with the CRA Business Number being used as a linkage among the three levels of government. It is anticipated that the program will expand to other business types and to include additional government programs in 2012.

See: The Business Corporations Act, section 304

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