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OC 271/2012 - The Personal Property Security Amendment Regulations, 2012 (Minister of Justice and Attorney General/Minister Responsible for Information Services Corporation)

Title: The Personal Property Security Amendment Regulations, 2012

Minister: Minister of Justice and Attorney General
Minister Responsible for Information Services Corporation

Summary: On May 28, 2012, these regulations will amend RRS P-6.2 Reg 1 to facilitate the implementation of The Enforcement of Money Judgments Act (EMJA) and the new money judgment enforcement process. These regulations will address the following:

  • establish the requirements for registration and discharge of judgments in the new judgment registry;
  • set out the registration life for judgments issued by the Court of Queen’s Bench, Federal Court of Canada, federal writs of execution and judgments to enforce maintenance orders;
  • establish requirements for a demand to the creditor under the compulsory discharge procedures that is used when the debtor believes that a judgment registration inappropriately names him or her as a debtor;
  • set out the criteria upon which judgments can be searched in the personal property registry;
  • clarify that all judgments, including judgments to enforce maintenance orders, affect both personal property and lands of the debtor;
  • updates to reflect the new terminology found in The Enforcement of Money Judgments Act; and
  • remove the prescribed forms from the regulations and to allow the use of forms approved by the registrar of personal property security.
See: The Personal Property Security Act, 1993, section 71

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