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Monday, March 27, 2017
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E-9.22 - The Enforcement of Money Judgments Act

An Act respecting the Enforcement of Judgments for the payment of money, making consequential amendments to certain Acts and repealing certain Acts

Chapter E-9.22* of TheStatutes of Saskatchewan, 2010 (effective May 28, 2012, except for clause 93(1)(k) not yet proclaimed) as amended by the Statutes of Saskatchewan, 2013, c.O-4.2; and 2015, c.7.

Last update posted: 30 May 2016

*NOTE: Pursuant to subsection 33(1) of The Interpretation Act, 1995, the Consequential Amendment sections, schedules and/or tables within this Act have been removed. Upon coming into force, the consequential amendments contained in those sections became part of the enactment(s) that they amend, and have thereby been incorporated into the corresponding Acts. Please refer to the Separate Chapter to obtain consequential amendment details and specifics:

    "33(1) An Amending enactment is part of the enactment it amends".

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