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OC 68/2012 - The Local Government Election Amendment Regulations, 2012 (Minister of Municipal Affairs)

Title: The Local Government Election Amendment Regulations, 2012

Minister: Minister of Municipal Affairs

Summary: The day on which sections 20, 21, 53, 54 and 65 of The Local Government Election Amendment Act, 2011 come into force, these regulations will amend RRS L-30.1 Reg 4 to

  • provide examples of the documents and pieces of information that may be used to establish a person’s identity in the absence of government-issued photo identification (ID);
  • limit the use and disclosure of any information that may be obtained by election officials, candidates and candidates’ agents through the presentation of ID;
  • establish a vouching procedure for persons who are unable to present acceptable identification documents at a polling station;
  • provide direction for municipalities regarding the use of voter ID when a mail-in ballot is used; and
  • provide new forms for residents of facilities such as homeless and women’s shelters, personal care homes and long-term care homes that attest to a person’s identify and residence.
See: The Local Government Election Act, section 160.97

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