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Friday, April 19, 2019
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Part 4: Managing Litigation

What this Part is about: This Part states that each party is responsible for managing litigation. Once a statement of claim, defence, reply and, in more complicated actions, a counterclaim or third party claim and related pleadings have been served and filed, each party knows what claims and defences are being made in an action. The rules then:

  • require the parties to manage the litigation so that the parties know when important stages in the action should be complete;
  • provide a means for the parties to obtain Court assistance for managing the litigation, including the appointment of a case management judge; and
  • require the parties to participate in mandatory mediation and in a pre-trial conference.
This Part also includes:
  • rules describing how an award for security for payment of costs can be obtained; and
  • rules for a formal offer to settle the litigation and a description of the potential costs consequences when settlement is not pursued, to ensure that formal offers are given careful consideration.
Lastly, this Part deals with litigation delay, the effects of the death of a party and discontinuing an action.

Amended January 1, 2016.

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