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Part 3: Court Actions

What this Part is about: This Part describes the documents to be used to commence and defend court actions and the options that parties have during court proceedings.

The Part begins by describing how court actions are commenced (either by a statement of claim or by an originating application) and in which court office the commencement document must be filed to start the court action.

The Part then deals with actions started by statement of claim, time limits for serving the commencement document and the options that the defendant has.

The Part describes how a defence to a statement of claim is filed and served and the reply to the defence, and what happens if no defence is filed.

The Part also describes how to make a cross-claim against a co-defendant, a third party claim, a counterclaim or a request for more particulars about a claim, and explains how documents filed in court (called pleadings) can be amended.

The rules then describe the requirements for originating applications and the specific rules for originating application for judicial review, which is the process used to challenge a decision, act or omission of a person or body, and the specific rules for originating application for habeas corpus.

The Part describes how parties to a court action can be joined, separated or changed.

The Part ends by describing the specific rules for class actions.

Amended January 1, 2016; August 1, 2016; and March 15, 2019.

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