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Monday, April 22, 2019
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OC 600/2011 - The Driver Training Regulations, 2011 (Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Government Insurance)

Title: The Driver Training Regulations, 2011

Minister: Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Government Insurance

Summary: On filing date, these regulations (RRS T-18.1 Reg 9) will repeal The Driver Training Regulations, 1986 and create The Driver Training Regulations, 2011 to:

  • update the definition of Act and statutory references in the regulations to reflect that these regulations are made under the authority of The Traffic Safety Act;
  • define the class of licence a driver instructor must hold to provide in-vehicle instruction for the various class of driver’s licences;
  • update the licensing requirements for a driver instructor to reflect that this program is no longer being administered through the Ministry of Education;
  • updates the professional upgrading responsibilities of driver instructors that are required to maintain their instructor’s certificate;
  • increase the bonding requirements from $5,000 to $10,000 for the operation of a driver training school;
  • increase the liability coverage amount from $1 million to $2 million;
  • remove the requirement for a driver training school to have a Saskatchewan address to operate in Saskatchewan in accordance with the New West Partnership Agreement;
  • clarify that regardless of age, where the administrator deems it appropriate, driver training can be conducted in a driver’s personal vehicle;
  • require the driver training school to maintain the student’s driver education certificate number, vision test results, any applicable log books and attendance records, and exam marks as part of the school record;
  • require a driver training school that goes out of business to provide SGI with its business records;
  • defines the number of hours of classroom and in-car instruction, and provides a definition of in-car instruction and indicates when stimulated instruction may replace in-car instruction.
See: The Traffic Safety Act, section 287

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