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OC 735/2009 - The Parks Amendment Regulations, 2009 (Minister of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport)

Title: The Parks Amendment Regulations, 2009

Minister: Minister of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport

Summary: On filing date, these regulations will amend RRS P-1.1 Reg 6 to amend The Parks Regulations, 1991 which establishes the process for provincial park cottage lessees to appeal any new land assessments completed by an Assessor on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport (TPCS). These were approved by OC 52/2006 and 41/2007. As a result of issues being raised by park cottage lessees regarding specific items of the appeal process:

• the time a park cottage lessee has to appeal a new lease assessment is increased from 30 days to 60 days; and

• park cottage lessees are allowed to use fair value assessment information from all areas that the assessor used in formulating the assessment.

See: The Parks Act, section 26, 27 and 35

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