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OC 494/2009 - Appoint Drew Wilby, Policy Advisor in Executive Council (President of the Executive Council)

Title: Appoint Drew Wilby, Policy Advisor in Executive Council

Minister: President of the Executive Council

Summary: Orders:

(a) the transfer of a position to the unclassified division of the Public Service, “Policy Advisor” in Executive Council;

(b) the appointment of Drew Wilby to the above-mentioned position, at a salary of $8,477 per month in the Management Classification and Compensation Plan Level 10 salary range $7,819 to $10,164, such salary to be calculated as and from July 1, 009 or such date following on which he reports for duty; and

(c) that the said position and the said Drew Wilby shall be subject to the following Regulations made under The Public Service Act, 1998: Part III, Regulation 23; Part IV, Regulations 30, 32, 39, 40, 41, 42 and 44; Part V, Regulations 45-91; Part VI, Regulations 92 and 94; and Part VII.

See: The Public Service Act, 1998

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