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OC 63/2009 - Saskatoon Regional Health Authority Membership Changes (Minister of Health)

Title: Saskatoon Regional Health Authority Membership Changes

Minister: Minister of Health

Summary: Further to Your Honour’s Order 71/2008 (February 6, 2008), approve the following changes to the Saskatoon Regional Health Authority:

Person Address Term
Darlene Eberle, Chairperson Humboldt expired
Carol Teichrob, Vice-Chairperson Saskatoon expired
Audrey Ahenakew Saskatoon expired
Kelly Block Waldheim expired
Douglas Finnie Saskatoon expired
Marjory Gammel Saskatoon expired
Archie La Rocque Saskatoon expired
Paul Meinema Saskatoon expired
Karen Raycroft Wynyard expired
Keith Thomson Riverside Estates expired
Steven Tokarski Watson expired
Appoint and Confirm – January 27, 2012
Gary Beaudin Saskatoon
Colleen Christensen Saskatoon
Randy Donauer Saskatoon
Douglas Finnie Saskatoon
Ross Huckle Saskatoon
Frank Lukowich Saskatoon
Donald Ravis Saskatoon
Jim Rhode Saskatoon
Marilyn Scott Humboldt
Mike Stensrud Saskatoon
Darcy Swiderski Wadena
Carol Teichrob Saskatoon
Jim Rhode, Chairperson
Colleen Christensen, Vice-Chairperson

See: The Regional Health Services Act, section 16

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