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OC 56/2009 - Heartland Regional Health Authority Membership Changes (Minister of Health)

Title: Heartland Regional Health Authority Membership Changes

Minister: Minister of Health

Summary: Further to Your Honour’s Order 454/2007 (June 12, 2007), approve the following changes to the Heartland Regional Health Authority:

Person Address Term
Lyle Leys, Chairperson Elrose expired
Betty Shapka, Vice-Chairperson Macklin expired
Cindy Hoppe Biggar expired
Carrie Howie Kindersley expired
Gary Johnson Eston expired
Les Langager Loreburn expired
Don Leitch Unity expired
Erhard Poggemiller Kerrobert expired
George Siemens Fiske expired
William Sittler Wilkie expired
Wayne Vaxvick Outlook expired
Evelen Wagner Unity expired
Appoint and Confirm – January 27, 2012
Gary Allan Davidson
Richard Anderson Kerrobert
Loretta Goring Biggar
Gary Groves Rosetown
Lorreen Ilott Eston
Lyle Leys Elrose
Hazel Lorenz Wilkie
Richard MacDougall Kindersley
Lyle Rankin Outlook
George Siemens Fiske
William Sittler Wilkie
Mary-Lou Whittles Kenaston
Richard Anderson, Chairperson
Lorreen Ilott, Vice-Chairperson

See: The Regional Health Services Act, section 16

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