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OC 55/2009 - Five Hills Regional Health Authority Membership Changes (Minister of Health)

Title: Five Hills Regional Health Authority Membership Changes

Minister: Minister of Health

Summary: Further to Your Honour’s Order 544/2007 (July 13, 2007), approve the following changes to the Five Hills Regional Health Authority:

Person Address Term
Dale Toni, Chairperson Moose Jaw expired
Elaine Mulatz, Vice-Chairperson Moose Jaw expired
Alvin Arnold Shamrock expired
John Bumbac Assiniboia expired
Marian Campbell Moose Jaw expired
Shayne Cristo Assiniboia expired
Jo-Anne Dusel Moose Jaw expired
David Foley Moose Jaw expired
Leslie Gray Moose Jaw expired
Elizabeth Michalski Moose Jaw expired
Janeth Muldoon Crane Valley expired
Donald Shanner Moose Jaw expired
Appoint and Confirm – January 27, 2012
Grant Berger Central Butte
Betty Collicott Moose Jaw
Clark Coulson Moose Jaw
Velma Geddes Moose Jaw
Ken Hawkes Moose Jaw
Alvin Klassen Central Butte
Tracey Kuffner Glentworth
Cecile Mulhern Meyronne
Christine Racic Moose Jaw
George Reaves Gravelbourg
Jeffrey Reihl Moose Jaw
Donald Shanner Moose Jaw
Velma Geddes, Chairperson
Donald Shanner, Vice-Chairperson

See: The Regional Health Services Act, section 16

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