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Overview of the Saskatchewan Economy, Winter 2008

The economy continues to be a matter of great discussion in Saskatchewan from coffee row to the halls of the Legislative building. Economies may be best understood by examining trends in data rather than single pieces of information. Informed debate on policy issues can be well served by a wider and deeper understanding of economic conditions in Saskatchewan. To equip the public to better understand Saskatchewan’s changing economy, the Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy is pleased to release Overview of the Saskatchewan Economy (Winter 2008), the second in the series of Provincial Progress Reports.

Using basic, factual information drawn from accepted, objective, external sources, this report presents a broad overview of the economy – labour force, agriculture, manufacturing, exports, and more. Economic data are sometimes difficult to fathom on their own and the placement of Saskatchewan’s performance within national and historical contexts illustrates the strengths and weaknesses within the province’s economy. First, this overview establishes the context for the economy within the world in terms of how Canada’s economic performance compares with other countries. The overview then examines Saskatchewan’s economy as compared to other Canadian provinces and other periods of time.


Jim Marshall and Adam Mills

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