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Issue 4: 2005-06 Student Public Policy Essays

Rene Boudreau (GRADUATE PAPER) In his paper, "Rehabilitating the Voluntary Sector Initiative: Rethinking Accountability and Creating Capacity", Mr. Boudreau analyzes the evolving relationship between governments in Canada and non-governmental agencies (NGO) and the role of NGOs in policy development. In particular he explores the Voluntary Sector Initiative and its role in creating an environment in which innovative and transformative policy dialogue between the two parties can be strengthened and maintained.

Brayden Gulka-Tiechko (UNDERGRADUATE PAPER) In his paper, "The Effects of Religion on Subjective Well-being: An International Comparison", Mr. Gulka-Tiechko studies the effects of religion on the self-perceived level of well-being through an economic framework. The study considers the effects of different religions and religious diversity on happiness across a sample size of 54 countries.


Brayden Gulka-Tiechko and Rene Boudreau

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