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Monday, April 22, 2019
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Not in Polite Company: Religious and Political Discursive Formations on Same-Sex Marriage

Following an open forum at the University of Regina, the Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy is pleased to release its 10th Briefing Note which questions the authority of religion on the issue of same-sex marriage. The four commentaries offer frameworks for thinking though the issue, which includes looking at the role the bible plays in the discussion, the definition of family, the view from an Anglican priest, and the complicated and sensitive relationship between religion and politics. As Joyce Green suggests, "healthy democratic processes require consideration of religion and politics, especially when they intersect...public policy attempts to meet social and political needs, but it does not do this in a vacuum: our political culture shapes our ideas of what those needs are and whether or how they should be met". As such, SIPP is releasing this publication to stimulate discussion of this important policy issue.


William Arnal, Joyce Green, Darlene Juschka, and James Merrett

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