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The Office of Public Registry Administration (OPRA) was established at the Ministry of Justice on May 30, 2013 as a result of the proclamation of The Operation of Public Registry Statutes Act and The Information Services Corporation Act. OPRA has oversight and responsibility for the Land Registry, the Personal Property Registry, the Corporate Registry, the Land Surveys Directory and the Common Business Identifier Program. ISC, as a Saskatchewan business corporation, acts as the service provider for the operation of the public registries and the map and photo library. OPRA is also the home for the Registrar of Titles, Registrar of Personal Property Security, Director of Corporations, Registrar of Co-operatives and Controller of Surveys (the Registry Officers).

Here are some examples of how OPRA may or may not be able to assist members of the public:

What OPRA can do for the public:What OPRA can’t do for the public:
Provide general information, and in some circumstances, Fact sheets that address common questions of issuesProvide legal advice or offer opinions on legal matters
Refer you to other legal service organizations in SaskatchewanAssist you to draft or provide interpretations of condominium, non-profit corporation or co-operative bylaws
Comment on how to proceed with court actions
Resolve disputes related to condominiums, non-profit corporations, co-operatives or boundaries
Provide a list of lawyers or surveyors who specialize in the area you are interested in or recommend a lawyer or surveyor

Learn more about ISC as the service provider for the government at the links below:

To register or search any of the registries or to access the map and photo library, go to

Common Business Identifier

The Common Business Identifier is a unique identification number assigned to a business. OPRA oversees the Saskatchewan Common Business Identifier Program, which allows subscribing Government of Saskatchewan programs to use the nine-digit Business Number assigned by the Canada Revenue Agency to business entities. These programs can provide efficient service to businesses through use of the Business Number, from ease of sign-up to improved security and updating of information. For more information on the Common Business Identifier Program please email:


Condominium boards, owners and developers as well as the professionals that serve them can learn more about condominiums at the link below:

Corporate Registry and Business Legislation

There is a variety of business legislation that regulates the creation, maintenance and Corporate Registry registration requirements of the different business entity types in Saskatchewan. Learn more about the obligations and abilities of a business corporation, non-profit corporation, sole proprietor, partnership etc. at the links below:

Land Registry

The primary objective of the Land Registry is to provide clarity and certainty about ownership of land in Saskatchewan. It does this by recording documents such as land transfers or mortgages that meet legal requirements for registration. It also issues titles guaranteed by the Province for every parcel of land in the Registry based on those registrations. The Land Registry may be searched by anyone.

Learn more about the Land Registry and its history at the links below:

Land Surveys Directory

The primary objective of the Land Surveys Directory is to provide clarity and certainty to the extent of land through plans of survey in Saskatchewan that ownership and interests are based on. The Controller of Surveys oversees approval and filing of all survey plans within the province. The Controller is responsible for the establishment, maintenance and preservation of the land survey systems and the cadastral parcel mapping system for the province or geographical information system (GIS). The Land Surveys Directory may be searched by anyone.

Learn more about the Land Surveys Directory and its history at the links below:

Personal Property Registry

The Personal Property Registry (“PPR”) is a public record of interests in personal, or “movable” property. It is typically used by financial institutions to give notice that they have a claim to, or security in, a specific piece or pieces of property. A car loan or inventory financing granted to a retail business are examples of interests that are registered in the PPR. Other claims or charges against personal property such as judgments and parking fines are also registered and can be searched in the PPR.


For the registry legislation, go to the following link:

To contact OPRA, please email or

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