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Monday, February 18, 2019
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  Captive Wildlife Permit for Falconry Purposes
Apply for a Captive Wildlife Permit for falconry purposes.
  Capture of Wild Raptors
Fill out this form if you want to capture wild raptors.
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  Falconry Import/Export
This is required if you wish to import or export a raptor for the purposes of falconry.
  Fur Dealers Licence Application
Fill out this form if you want to buy fur. Current year trapping licence numbers must be recorded on all purchase transactions. Trappers must have a licence to sell fur. Any infraction of The Wildlife Act, 1997 and Regulations, 1999 under the Act, may result in the immediate cancellation of any licence issued, without further notice.
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  Hunt With or Assist Treaty Indian Subsistence Hunter
Fill out this application to hunt with or assist a Treaty Indian Subsistence Hunter. This application is an agreement to hunt wildlife for food.
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  Mount and Retain - Statutory Declaration
This declaration is required for wildlife mount and retain permits.
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  Sale of Wildlife
Fill out this form if you want to sell wildlife. We require the type and origin of the wildlife to be sold, and how the wildlife was obtained.
  Sale of Wildlife Permit Guidelines
Learn important information before selling wildlife.
  Special Authorization for a Hunter with Disabilities
Fill out this form to apply for a disability permit. Please include applicant information, medical information, and read the conditions for obtaining the permit.
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  Wildlife Import/Export
Fill out this permit if you want to import or export wildlife. You will need to include the species, quantity, sex and description of the wildlife you wish to import/export, transportation methods and more.
  Wildlife Import/Export Guidelines
This document explains the import/export process
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