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Friday, March 22, 2019
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  Best Practices for Open Burning - Summer Work Location Contact Information
Use this form to outline any work being performed during the summer months that poses a risk for starting a fire.
  Wildfire Prevention and Preparedness for Industrial and Commercial Operations
Objective The mandate of the Ministry of Environment’s Wildfire Management Branch is to work collaboratively and proactively with Saskatchewan’s Industrial and Commercial operators to assist them in mitigating the impact of wildfire to their operations. This document provides wildfire‐related best management practices for Industrial and Commercial Sectors operating within wildfire management areas in Saskatchewan.
  Wildfire Prevention and Preparedness Plan
Industrial and commercial operators working in and near provincial forests and parks must complete the Wildfire Prevention and Preparedness Plan for Industrial and Commercial Operators and submit it to the Forest Protection Office in their area. The plan includes important information, like the company name and emergency contacts, and describes the work being done and the steps the company has taken to prevent and prepare for wildfires.