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Friday, September 22, 2017
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Publications Centre
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Shore Gold Inc. is proposing to develop and operate a diamond mine approximately 65 kilometres east of Prince Albert. The proposed project includes excavating an open pit at Star Kimberlite and a potential second pit at Orion South and constructing a common processing plant and associated infrastructure. The project footprint in the Fort à la Corne Provincial Forest will be 3,000 to 4,000 hectares (2.3 to 3.0% of the forest) in close proximity of the Saskatchewan River. For more information or to submit a comment email referencing 2008-089 or phone (306)787-6132.

Product List
  1. Technical Proposal
Describes the project and identifies possible environmental impacts together with any measures planned to reduce or avoid those impacts.
  2. Public Notice of EIA Underway
Notice provided to make the public aware that an environmental impact assessment is underway for a proposed project.
  3. Project Specific Guidelines
Outlines the specific studies and information to be compiled , as part of the environmental impact assessment and how this information will be documented in the environmental impact statement.
  4. Public Notice for Review & Comments
Notice provided to make the public aware the environmental impact statement and technical review comments for a proposed project are available for public review and comment.
  5. Environmental Impact Statement - Executive Summary
Environmental Impact Statement available upon request.
  5a. Section 1 Introduction
Introduction to the Environmental Impact Statement completed by Shore Gold Inc.
  5b. Section 2 Project Description
The Star-Orion South Diamond Project (the Project) is described in this Section.
  6. Technical Review Comments
Summary of the proposed project, and the ministry’s analysis of the technical information presented in the environmental impact statement.