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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Mistik Management ltd. is initiating work on a revised 20-year forest management plan (FMP) that will provide direction for management of the forest resources of the Mistik Management Ltd. Forest Management Agreement area (Mistik FMA). The Mistik FMA area consists of 1.9 million hectares of boreal forest in northwest Saskatchewan, in the Meadow Lake area. Revisions to the FMP are changes to a previously approved development. Mistik is undertaking revisions to the FMP and seeking the Minister of Environment's approval for the changes under The Forest Resources Management Act. For more information or to submit a comment email referencing 2015-005 or phone (306)953-2260.

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  1. Public Notice of EIA Underway
Notice provided to make the public aware that an environmental impact assessment is underway for a proposed project.
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  2a. Terms of Reference
Terms of Reference provide direction for development of the Forest Management Plan.
  2b. Public Consultation Plan
Public Consultation Plan for the development of the Forest Management Plan
  2c. Workplan
Work Plan, including timelines and approval steps, used to monitor progress in the development of the Forest Management Plan.
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  3a. Mistik FMP Volume I
Volume I - Background Information Document of Mistik's 2017 20-Year Forest Management Plan (FMP).
  3b. Mistik FMP Volume I - Appendices
Mistik's Volume I - Background Information Document Appendix A to F.
  3c. Mistik's Volume I - Maps
Mistik's Volume I - Background Information Document - Maps
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  4. FMP Volume 2 Errata
This document describes needed corrections to the Volume II 2019-2039 document.
  4b. FMP Volume 2 - Part 1
Planning Inventory and Forest Characterization Report
  4c. FMP Volume 2 - Part 2
Forest Development Report
  4d. FMP Volume 2 - Part 3
Silviculture Ground Rules
  4e. FMP Volume 2 - Part 4
Values, Objective, Indicators and Targets
  4f. FMP Volume 2 - Part 5
Forest Estate Modeling Assumptions
  4g. FMP Volume 2 - Part 6
Forest Estate Modeling Report
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  5. FMP Volume 3
Mistik Management has submitted its proposed 2019-2039 forest management plan.
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  6. Technical Review Comments
This provides a summary of the proposed project, and the ministry's analysis of the technical information presented in the forest management plan.
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  7. Public Review & Comments Notification (Section 11)
The public is invited to provide comments on the Technical Review Comments and the Forest Management Plan by April 20, 2019.
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