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Monday, February 18, 2019
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Publications Centre
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The Province has developed several information bulletins that will help fire service professionals determine whether situations ranging from existing fire prevention/suppression systems to fireworks display meet existing guidelines.

Product List
  Clandestine Drug Operations Methamphetamine Laboratories/ Marijuana Growing Operations
To help fire fighters recognize and understand the significant health and life safety risks associated with fire and rescue operations at clandestine drug operations.
  Commercial Cooking Operations
This document is intended to help fire inspectors understand and apply the regulations governing ventilation and fire protection measures in commercial cooking applications.
  Display Fireworks Shows
This document is intended to help the local fire officials understand the important role they play in ensuring outdoor display fireworks shows are presented safely and in accordance with the National Fire Code.
  Emergency Planning
Emergency planning is an essential part of fire and life safety in any large building or facility. This document will help local fire authorities as they work with building managers and facility operators to develop or update fire safety plans.
  Family and Consumer Fireworks Shows
This document will help fire fighters advise the public about consumer fireworks purchase, use and safety.
  Fire Safety Act Guide
The Fire Safety Act Guide clarifies local and provincial roles, powers and responsibilities.
  Responding to Fires at Clandestine Methamphetamine Drug Laboratories
Provides fire fighters with a quick overview and guide for recognizing and operating at clandestine methamphetamine laboratories.
  School Fire Safety - A Guide for Educators
The amount and placement of combustible decorations in schools can have significant impacts on fire and life safety. This commentary gives inspectors guidelines for evaluating decorations and advising school officials.
  Seasonal Decorations
Seasonal decorations are a leading cause of home fires during holidays.