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Monday, April 22, 2019
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  Adoption of the NBC 2015 and NFC 2015
This document provides information about the significant changes made to both the National Building Code of Canada 2015 and the National Fire Code of Canada 2015.
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  Bedroom Windows in Homes
This advisory describes the minimum requirements for bedroom windows in homes.
  Building Code Regulations - Q & A
This advisory lists the answers to the most commonly-asked questions concerning Building Code Regulations in Saskatchewan.
  Building Official Licence Training
This advisory lists the changes made to the requirements for building official licence renewal. (BOLT)
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  Carbon Monoxide Alarms
This advisory states when an carbon monoxide (CO) alarm is required in Saskatchewan buildings.
  Clearance Above Cooktops
This advisory describes the minimum clearances between cupboards and different types of cooking appliances.
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  Electrical Equipment Installation
This advisory describes when electrical equipment needs to be installed in a room with a fire-resistance rating.
  Exit Sign Requirements for Existing Buildings
This advisory explains when exit signs are required for existing buildings.
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  Farm Buildings and the National Building Code
The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards (UBAS) Regulations were amended in June 2016 to clarify the application of the term "commercial operations" found in the definition of a farm building.
  Fire Sprinkler Requirements for Alternative Family Care Homes
This Government of Saskatchewan Building Standards Advisory outlines the regulatory amendment modifying the National Building Code 2010 that involves Alternative Family Care Homes (AFCH) with five or fewer occupants-in-care.
  Five Principles of Applying the NBC
This advisory explains the five guiding principles behind the application of the National Building Code (NBC).
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  Inspections of Duplexes with Secondary Suites by Class 1 Building Officials
This advisory explains when a Class 1 Licensed Building Official can inspect a two-unit dwelling with a secondary suite.
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  Monitored Fire Alarm Systems
This advisory describes when a building requires a monitored fire alarm system and when to update existing alarm systems.
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  Orders of a Building Official
This advisory explains to whom a building official will address an order to when writing an order under Section 17 of the UBAS Act.
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  Portable Fire Extinguishers
This advisory explains when portable fire extinguishers are required, how to choose an extinguisher and where they should be located.
  Preserved Wood Foundation Drainage
This advisory explains the drainage required for concrete footings for preserved wood foundations (PWF).
  Professional Design Requirements for Buildings
This advisory describes when buildings need to be designed by professional designers.
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This advisory explains what radon is and how to make your home safe.
  Requirements for Soffits
This advisory explains when eaves require soffits.
  Role of the Building Official
This advisory describes the role of the building official.
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  Safety in Your Home
This advisory provides tips to make your home safe for your family.
  Saskatchewan Amendments to the NBC 2015
Saskatchewan has adopted the National Building Code (NBC) 2015, effective and in force January 1, 2018. This document contains a list of amendments, as found in the Appendix of The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Regulations.
  Saskatchewan Amendments to the NFC 2015
Saskatchewan has adopted the National Fire Code (NFC) 2015, effective and in force January 1, 2018. This document contains a list of amendments, as found in the Appendix A of the Fire Safety Regulations.
  Secondary Suites
This advisory describes how the National Building Code (NBC) applies to secondary suites.
  Shipping Containers
This advisory describes when the National Building Code (NBC) applies to shipping containers.
  Snow Loads on a Roof
This advisory explains what to do if there is deep snow on your roof.
  Sprinkler Systems with Antifreeze Solutions
This advisory lists the risks associated with the use of glycol antifreeze in a fire sprinkler system.
  Sprinklers for Fire Suppression
This advisory describes the sprinkler standard that is applied when a building needs a sprinkler system.
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  Temporary Bleachers and Stages
This advisory provides guidelines for the set up of temporary bleachers or stages.
  Thermal Protection of Foamed Plastic Insulation
This advisory discusses what thermal barriers can be used to provide protection to foamed plastic insulation.
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  Value of Construction
This advisory explains what the value of construction is and how it should be applied.
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  Windows Adjacent to Bathtubs
This advisory describes when guards or safety glass is required for bathroom windows near bathtubs.
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