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The Saskatchewan Petroleum Research Incentive is intended to encourage research, development and demonstration of new technologies that facilitate the expanded production of Saskatchewan's oil and natural gas resources. Research and development of field pilot projects involving enhancing oil recovery and new technologies related to oil and natural gas exploration, production, treatment, transportation, upgrading, processing, refining, and/or waste disposal from, or environmental impact of oil and natural gas activity will be eligible to receive the incentive.

Product List
  Information for Applicants
Find complete information about the Saskatchewan Petroleum Research Incentive including the application process, eligibility criteria, the review process and project implementation.
  Horizontal Wel Hot Oil Treatment (HOWHOT)
Husky Energy - July 12, 2016
  Hot Water Vapour Process
Husky Oil - March 26, 2014
  Mervin Cold Solvent EOR Pilot
Husky Oil - November 30, 2011
  Using Sour Solution Flare Gas to Fire a Small Gas Turbine/Generator
Devon Canada Corporation - March 31, 2009
  Winter VAPEX Pilot
Nexen Inc. - December 31, 2008
  Electromagnetic Stimulation Pilot Project: Inductive Method Using EMIT Technology
Baytex Energy Ltd. - March 19, 2008
  Winter Horizontal Well VAPEX
Nexen Canada Ltd. - September 2006
  Plover Lake Vapex Huff and Puff
Nexen Canada Ltd. - January 2006
  Heavy Oil Gas Injection & Water Reduction
Nexen Canada Ltd. - October 20, 2005
  Soda Lake Vapor Extraction (VAPEX)
Baytex Energy Ltd. - July 2005
  Winter Flue Gas Injection Test
Nexen Canada Ltd. - June 30, 2004
  Low Inflow Horizontal Well Acid-Abrasijet Stimulation
Nexen Canada Ltd. - May 3, 2004
  Aberfeldy GP Horizontal Well Continuous Loading/Sand Cleanout - Addition of Injection String and Additional Perforations
Husky Energy - September 30, 2003
  CO2 Huff and Puff
Nexen Canada Ltd.- May 2003
  Hydraulic Fracture in a Horizontal Well (SurgiFrac)
Nexen Canada Ltd. - January 19, 2003
  Senlac Dual Pipeline Push Water System
Petrovera Resources Limited - August 15, 2002
  Carbon Dioxide Pilot Injection Test - Elswick Midale Beds Pool
Anderson Exploration Ltd. - June 28, 2001
  Weyburn Unit CO2 Injection Monitoring Project Baseline Data Collection
PanCanadian Resources - March 27, 2001