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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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  Aerospace and Defence
Saskatchewan manufacturers supply goods and services to the aerospace and defence industries in Canada and around the world.
  Agri-value Advantage
Saskatchewan is the largest exporter of agri-food products in Canada.
  Agricultural Equipment
Saskatchewan's top-quality farm equipment can be found hard at work all around the world.
  Agricultural Manufacturing Investment Opportunities
Discover opportunities for investment in Saskatchewan's agricultural equipment manufacturing industry.
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  Carbon Capture and Storage
Southeast Saskatchewan is currently home to two commercial CO2 enhanced oil recovery projects.
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  Electronics and Instrumentation
Saskatchewan companies design and produce advanced manufacturing solutions and leading-edge technology for traditional and emerging economic sectors.
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  Food and Beverage Processing
Saskatchewan's food and beverage processing industry produces about 22% of the province's total manufacturing and processing output.
  Food Ingredients Industry
Saskatchewan is world renowned as a consistent supplier of high-quality food ingredients.
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  Investing in Saskatchewan
Learn about the advantages of investing in Saskatchewan
  Investing in Saskatchewan's Supply Chain
Learn about opportunities and reasons to invest in Saskatchewan's supply chain.
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  Life Sciences
Saskatchewan is a hub of activity in life sciences and biomass.
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  Manufacturing Industries
Saskatchewan produces a wide range of manufactured goods, which are exported to markets across Canada and around the world.
  Minerals Industry
Saskatchewan has a wealth of mineral resources and is a world leader in potash and uranium.
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  Oil and Gas
Oil and gas is one of Saskatchewan's leading industries.
  Oil and Gas Opportunities
Total upstream oil and gas investment is estimated to reach $40 billion to $50 billion over the next 10 years.
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  Petroleum and Natural Gas, Oil Sands and Oil Shale Disposition Types and Crown Public Offerings
Saskatchewan Petroleum and Natural Gas, Oil Sands and Oil Shale Disposition Types and Crown Public Offerings
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  Research Infrastructure
Saskatchewan has a wealth of research and development infrastructure, especially in biotechnology, crop production and processing.
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  Saskatchewan Forestry Sector
Over half of Saskatchewan is forested.
  Saskatchewan Supplier Solutions for the Global Mining Industry
Saskatchewan suppliers have a long history of providing equipment, goods and services to the mining industry -- provincially, nationally and internationally.
  Saskatchewan Supplier Solutions for the Global Oil and Gas Industry
For more than 40 years, Saskatchewan companies have supplied goods and services to both upstream and downstream oil and gas companies, provincially, nationally and internationally.
  Saskatchewan's Mining Supply Chain
With numerous plans for expansion and exploration underway, there are many opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers to enter Saskatchewan’s mining supply chain.
  Saskatchewan's Oil and Gas Supply Chain
Oil and gas is one of Saskatchewan’s leading industries. Potential supply chain opportunities exist throughout the oil and gas life cycle.
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  Top Oil Play Opportunities
Unique opportunities exist in Saskatchewan as a result of lower oil prices and subsequent petroleum and natural gas land sale prices.
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