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Tuesday, June 28, 2016
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  Misc. Rept. 10: Geology and Production History of the Rosebank Area Southeastern Saskatchewan
32 pages; Out of print.; 1971
  Misc. Rept. 11: Geology and the Production History of the Bakken Formation in the Rocanville Area Southeastern Saskatchewan
16 pages plus figures; 1970
  Misc. Rept. 12: GSC Bulletin 501: Geology of the Striding Athabasca Mylonite Zone, Northeastern Saskatchewan and Southeastern District of Mackenzie, NWT
92 pages; 1997
  Misc. Rept. 13: GSC Misc. Rept. 42: Rocks and Minerals for the Collector: La Ronge to Creighton, Saskatchewan to Thompson, Manitoba
81 pages; 1987.
  Misc. Rept. 2000-5: Map and Database of Magmatic Ni-Cu±PGE Occurrences and Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions in Northern Saskatchewan.
CD-ROM and plotted map. The product contains a MapInfo map and a Microsoft Access database of information pertaining to all Ni-Cu±PGE occurrences and mafic to ultramafic intrusive bodies In Saskatchewan.; Proviewer GIS software is included; 2000
  Misc. Rept. 2003-7: Geology, and Mineral and Petroleum Resources of Saskatchewan
182 (173 + viii) pages. This report supercedes Miscellaneous Report 94-6 'Geology and Mineral Resources of Saskatchewan'. This report contains a review of the history of mineral (including diamonds and petroleum and natural gas) exploration and development in Saskatchewan.
  Misc. Rept. 2004-7: Geoscape Southern Saskatchewan Poster
A colour poster which educates the viewer on the landscapes, groundwater, water, landslide potential, mineral and petroleum riches, badlands, subsurface geology, fossil dinosaurs, soil food growth potential, and geoconstruction problems of southern Saskatchewan.
  Misc. Rept. 2004-8: Lower Paleozoic Map Series- Saskatchewan on CD ROM
A series of 8 maps, a 42 page text pdf file, 3 appendices, and an interactive ArcReader project on CD ROM. The set of 8 maps are available on the CD ROM ($25.00), as eight individual print-on-demand hardcopy maps ($10.00 each), and as a set that includes both the CD ROM and hardcopy maps ($80.00); 2004.
  Misc. Rept. 2005-8: Geoscape Northern Saskatchewan Poster
A colour poster which educates the viewer on jobs in mining, the Athabasca Basin, glaciation and glacial features, waterways, meteorite impact structures, environmental stewardship, rock and mineral riches, mining, and the subsurface geology of northern Saskatchewan. 2005.
  Misc. Rept. 2: Oil Analyses Supplememt, 1964
104 pages;1964
  Misc. Rept. 3: Geology and Heavy Oil Reserves of the Mannville Group, Lloydminster-North Battleford Area, Saskatchewan
8 pages, 4 tables, 10 figures (6 in pocket). Estimate of volume of original heavy oil in place derived from electrical log examination.; 1977
  Misc. Rept. 4: Preliminary Report on the Coal Resources in the Wood Mountain-Willow Bunch Area of Saskatchewan
26 pages, 1 figure, 1 generalized geological map (diazo print) 1:506,880 scale, 1 coal area map (diazo print) 1:253,440 scale.; 1962
  Misc. Rept. 5: Silica Sand and Coal Occurrences on Wapawekka Lake
20 pages, 2 tables, 2 figures.; 1961
  Misc. Rept. 6: Geology and Production History of the Hume Frobisher Beds Oil Pool and the Hume Midale Beds Oil Pool in the Hume Area
10 pages, 8 figures.; 1974
  Misc. Rept. 78-1: Economic, Social and Planning Requirements for Northern Communities
306 pages, 193 tables, 14 plates, 7 figures.
  Misc. Rept. 79-2: Index to Non-Confidential Drill Holes in the Athabasca Formation (Excluding Development Drilling)
54 pages. To April 1, 1979. Listed are company, disposition, S.E.M. file number, hole number, size, angle, bearing, depth, location, latitude, longitude, elevation, casing, formation tops, subsea depths, thickness, core, date (not updated since 1979); 1979
  Misc. Rept. 7: Coal Reserves in the Estevan Coalfield
4 pages, 1 figure, 1 Economic Coal Seams Map (diazo print) 1:50,000 scale.; 1962
  Misc. Rept. 8: Gas Analyses Supplement, 1964
139 pages; Out of print. Photocopy $28.60.; 1964
  Misc. Rept. 92-5: Gold in the Glennie Domain
(71 + viii) pages. This report describes more than 70 gold occurrences in the Glennie Domain and incorporates information from: field studies, mineral exploration companies, provincial and federal government reports and assessment files.; Exploration strategies are developed for this important, but commonly underrated, gold belt.; 1992. Original hard copies may be can be purchased and if not necessary copies can be downloaded for free
  Misc. Rept. 92-7: Catalogue of Continuous Velocity Surveys Conducted in Saskatchewan
189 pages. This catalogue contains the name, location, co-ordinates, spud and finished drilling dates, ground and K.B. elevation, total depth, status, log type and interval on each well containing a Continous Velocity Survey.; The wells are listed in location order. File information consists of all normal well file data as well as charts and reports from the survey.; 1992
  Misc. Rept. 94-2: Horizontal Wells in Western Canada: A Preliminary Study on the Effects of Geology and Drilling/Completion Practices on Well Productivity and Reserves
(204 + xviii) pages. The study examines impact of horizontal drilling in Saskatchewan and Alberta in general, and looks in greater detail at results from 3 SK oil pools (Rosebank Alida, Senlac Cummings-Dina, Winter Cummings) and 1 AB field (Pembina).; 1994
  Misc. Rept. 95-10: Coal in Saskatchewan
32 pages; 1994
  Misc. Rept. 95-11: Patterns of Energy Use in Saskatchewan
14 pages; 1994
  Misc. Rept. 95-12: Energy Conservation in Saskatchewan: Prosperity Through Efficiency
30 pages; 1994
  Misc. Rept. 95-13: Energy Sources and Fuels In Saskatchewan: Prosperity Through Diversity
43 pages; 1994.
  Misc. Rept. 95-14: Sustaining Our Institutions
70 pages; Out of print. Photocopy: $21.70.; 1994
  Misc. Rept. 95-8: Light and Medium Oil in Saskatchewan: Prosperity Through Change
111 pages; 1994
  Misc. Rept. 95-9: Opportunities to Enhance Saskatchewan's Oil Industry Through Research, Developement and Demonstration
79 pages; 1994
  Misc. Rept. 96-6: Saskatchewan Stone, Preliminary Investigations
(64 + vi) pages. This colour publication introduces the reader to the province's potential for building stone resources. It provides more detailed information than the previously published brochure "Stone in Saskatchewan".; The information contained is hoped to stimulate further exploration and development by the stone industry.
  Misc. Rept. 9: Evaluation of Saskatchewan's Heavy Oil Reserves
25 pages. 32 net pay, structure contour, and enhanced oil recovery potenital maps and 4 cross-sections (MZ-W-85-1 to MZ-W-85-4).; 1985
  Oil Reserve Summary Reports
The annual oil reserve summary reports include information pertaining to oil production, original oil in place and remaining recoverable oil reserves in Saskatchewan broken down by unit and non-unit areas. For further information about the Saskatchewan Oil Reserves please contact Larry Webber, Phone: (306) 787-2506, Email:
  R.P.I. 1: Core Drilling For Industrial Minerals in Saskatchewan, 1948-1952
92 pages, 6 plates, 38 figures.; 1953
  R.P.I. 2: Separation of Kaolinite from Kaolinized Sand
23 pages; Photocopies of original paper available for $8.00.; 1954
  R.P.I. 3: Improving Saskatchewan Swelling Bentonite by Chemical and Mechanical Treatment
33 pages, 6 tables, 17 figures.; 1954
  R.P.I. 4: Acid Activation of Saskatchewan Bentonites
29 pages; Photocopies of original paper available for $9.50.; 1954
  R.P.I. 5: Dehydration of Glauber's Salt by the Transition Point Deposition Process
21 pages including tables and figures; Photocopies of original report can be ordered; 1955
  R.P.I. 6: Core Drilling For Industrial Minerals In Saskatchewan, 1953-1954
53 pages, 5 plates, 24 figures; 1955
  R.P.I. 7: The Red Deer River Silica Sand Deposit of East Central Saskatchewan
29 pages, 18 tables, 6 figures; 1955
  R.P.I. 8: Sturgeon Lake Marl Deposit
53 pages; Out of print. Available only as a free download.; 1956
  R.P.I. 9: Light-Weight Concrete Aggregates From Saskatchewan Clays
35 pages, 8 tables, 9 figures.; 1956