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Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Product List
  Black Stock Reporting - Sample Invoice
For use by licensed tobacco suppliers (licensed manufacturers and licensed importers) when selling and invoicing black stock tobacco to on-reserve retailers
  Black Stock Reporting - Sample Summary Report
For use by tobacco suppliers (licensed manufacturers and licensed importers) to report their sales of black stock tobacco to Saskatchewan Finance
  First Nations - On Reserve Retailer - Daily Transaction Detail
To capture sales transaction detail re: fuel and tobacco sold tax exempt by on reserve retailers.
  First Nations - On Reserve Tobacco and Fuel Purchase Report
To recap tax paid purchases of Fuel & Tobacco by retailers participating in the First Nations Fuel & Tobacco Tax Refund Program.
  Refund Application Fuel Purchased by Band
The refund application form can be used by First Nations to apply for a refund of tax paid on fuel purchased directly by the band and delivered onto the reserve for their own use or consumption.