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Friday, April 19, 2019
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  Building Communities of Hope
This document is a revision of Building Communities of Hope: Best Practices for Meeting the Learning Needs of At-Risk and Indian and M├ętis Students, which was published in 1996. The original document was developed with the ideas and commitment of a number of dedicated people in schools, school divisions, and community organizations. Appreciation is sincerely extended to all those involved. This revised policy and conceptual framework reflects over two decades of strengths and experiences of Community Schools throughout the province.
  Directions for Diversity: Enhancing Supports to Children and Youth with Diverse Needs - Final Report of the Saskatchewan Special Education Review Committee
The Special Education Review was conducted by a five member panel external to Government, over a sixteen month period, beginning in September, 1998. Ten Terms of Reference were given as the basis of the study. They included the examination of the foundational and philosophical basis, program and delivery, integrated services, funding, accountability, early screening and identification, professional preparation and development, knowledge and expertise, continuing dialogue, and parental involvement.
  Empowering High Schools as Communities of Learning and Support
This document provides a framework for staff, students, families, human service providers and community members to work together to undertake the journey to SchoolPLUS. To guide the journey, this document offers a common vision, principles, goals, an overview of effective practices, and comprehensive literature references. This Policy and Program framework informs high school change and improvement processes. Its purpose is to assist high schools as they build on their strengths as communities of learning and support, where every student has the opportunity to succeed.
  Introduction aux apprentissages essentiels communs- Manuel de l'enseignant