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Separate Chapters are statutes approved by the Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel. House amendments, Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel changes may be added up until the publication of the annual bound volume.

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  Historical - Chapter A-3.1 - The Accounting Profession Act
Point in Time 2014 CHAPTER A-3.1 An Act respecting the Accounting Profession and the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of Saskatchewan and making consequential amendments to other Acts
  Chapter A-31.1 - The Athletics Commission Act
2014 CHAPTER A-31.1 An Act respecting the Athletics Commission and Professional Contests or Exhibitions
  Chapter C-7.31 - The Child Care Act, 2014/Loi de 2014 sur les garderies d’enfants
2014 CHAPTER C-7.31 An Act to Promote the Growth and Development of Children and to Support the Provision of Child Care Services, and to make a consequential amendment to another Act
2014 CHAPITRE C-7.31 Loi visant à promouvoir l’épanouissement et le développement des enfants et à soutenir la prestation des services de garderie, et apportant une modification corrélative à une autre loi
  Chapter E-13.1 - The Executive Government Administration Act
2014 CHAPTER E-13.1 An Act respecting the Administration of the Executive Government of Saskatchewan, making consequential and related amendments to certain Acts and regulations and repealing certain other Acts
  Chapter I-9.0001 - The Informal Public Appeals Act
2014 CHAPTER I-9.0001 An Act respecting Informal Public Appeals
  Chapter L-27.01 - The Lobbyists Act
2014 CHAPTER L-27.01 An Act respecting Lobbying
  Historical - Chapter S-32.21 - The Saskatchewan Polytechnic Act
Point in Time 2014 CHAPTER S-32.21 An Act respecting the Saskatchewan Polytechnic and making consequential amendments to other Acts and Regulations
  Historical - Chapter W-13.01 - The Wildfire Act
Point in Time 2014 CHAPTER W-13.01 An Act respecting the Prevention, Management, Control and Extinguishing of Fires